DeLand Florida -
High Taxes, High Crime, Crony Capitalism, Corruption 

Staff & Commissioners Work for Themselves -  Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

DELAND is the only city in Volusia County refusing to Adopt TNR - Trap, Neuter, Return - Program for feral cats. After the city attempted to destroy ARK in 2012, the pre-eminent animal rescue group in Central Florida, these vicious city employees transported Abandoned Cats and Dogs to
Southeast Volusia Humane Society for Execution.
THANK GOD the new director has the kill rate down to 20%.
DeLand doesn't care. 
Annual Cost to Taxpayers: Thousands

Within months of destroying ARK's Animal Rescue Center DeLand began killing healthy animals again at $85 a head, staff signing contract with SE Volusia Animal Shelter. Until then there'd been no killings for 3 years with ARK saving lives and saving taxpayers over $45,000 annually. We have the records to prove it. Beware of Those Who Don't Protect Innocent Animals. They are Dangerous.

  Halifax Humane Society and Concerned Citizens for Animals tried unsuccessfully for over a year to get DeLand to adopt the TNR Program - Trap, Neuter, Release, - for Free-roaming cats. This program is used across America and by many Volusia County cities. DeLand refused costing taxpayers thousands of dollars and assuring the death of hundreds of innocent cats!     

Learn the ugly truth about DeLand City Hall, its police force, cruelty to animals, and treacherous and illicit actions against citizens.