DeLand Florida -
High Taxes, High Crime, Crony Capitalism, Corruption 

Staff & Commissioners Work for Themselves -  Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

Abuse of Power Constant with DeLand Code Enforcement

Gateway to Downtown DeLand and adjacent to Stetson University's Historic President's Mansion. BREAKING NEWS - Stetson just bought it for a fortune! Guess that's why tuitions are so high for students. 

    There are more than 100 derelict buildings in DeLand but the city doesn't care.


Matt Adair, ex-Marine, runs his department like the military. He inappropriately signs emails “Fideli Certa Merces” which in the Marine Corps means “To the faithful there is certain reward.”   He's selective in whom he "TARGETS." 

     He sends emails to his underlings Michelle Realander and Mark Ellison, claiming he received "anonymous" phone complaints, hiding behind "anonymity." Is he what staff and commissioners appreciate

     The city goes after the "little people" who can't defend themselves out of fear or lack of funds. IS ADAIR DANGEROUS?

Adair determined "His People" 

remain in power for the 2014 election 

     Public record request for February 11, '13 showed a local business owner made a formal complaint against code officer Mark Ellison to police Chief William Ridgeway. Ellison was photographed blocking US 17/92 with a city vehicle so he could take pictures of a "sign violation," desperate to pin something illegal on the owner.
     Blocking a State Road is violation of F.S.S. 316.2045. A regular DeLand resident would be ticketed for the violation. The complaint was forwarded to Matt Adair, head of code enforcement. Not only was Ellison not disciplined but a month later Adair and Manager Pleus promoted Ellison to 2nd in command of code enforcement. 
     Harassing businesses in DeLand gets you promoted. The mafia promotes it’s members who excel at dirty deeds!

(L) W Ohio, 30 feet of N Woodland Blvd; abandoned car without tag; 

(R) Burned out and left rot to S Woodland Gateway to DeLand

S Alabama, 1 blk from multi-million dollar recreational park

Corner E Howry and S Amelia; been like this over 10 years. 

Code Enforcement

  • Unfriendly and unnecessarily restrictive codes
  • Practices selective enforcement; cites small businesses staff doesn’t like while ignoring large businesses, churches, schools
  • Over 100 derelict buildings within 3 miles of city hall; none condemned nor required to be removed
  • Does not actively pursue violations; claims to wait for public complaints (most “supposedly” anonymous)
  • Small businesses with residential fire alarms no longer allowed to connect to fire department thus endangering their and adjacent properties. To install commercial fire alarms is unaffordable for small businesses. This new law is inexcusable.
  • Burglar/fire alarm fees and false alarms rose dramatically
  • Fees for obtaining a variance rose from $75 to $900 in the past few years
  • Codes that should be strictly enforced are ignored; violations obvious; it’s a matter of “who you know” in city hall
  • Undo restrictions imposed on small businesses causing many to flee town
  • Unfriendly toward small businesses using banners, other advertising devices due to lack of funds for major ads
  • Complaints of sexual harassment have been ignored
  • Matt Adair, Director, has fired as many employees as he’s hired; a "star" employee of the year was a building inspector discovered by the state to be working without proper credentials
  • Little interest in planting trees for the future; rather installing bushes and small trees with short life span; downtown is classic example

Why does City Hall practice "Selective Code Enforcement," going after those who aren't their "friends" and ignoring those who are? Like the photo below with 6 ft fence and tall grass - both illegal.

S Alabama & E New York; office of Paul, Elkind, Branz, the city's attorneys! After photo went up debris was cleaned; fence and tall grass remain.

 W Ohio few feet of N Woodland Blvd

400 blk W Wisconsin - been this way 5 years

Behind the historic Athens Theatre on N Florida, 1 blk from city hall 

This building has been this way for over 5 years;  located across the street from the multi-million dollar recreational Earl Brown Park

These properties below are representative of more than FIFTY VACANT AND DECAYING BUILDINGS buildings in Spring Hill, DeLand's African-American Community. DeLand practices RACISM. Why? Because you don't find derelicts like this in other neighborhoods.

Luella Court, 2 blks from city hall

Downtown - N Woodland & E Church; old Feasels. Cleaned after a year, 

not by city but by new owners. 

The Putnam Hotel, built in the 1920s, is an historic edifice facing city hall. For over a decade this glorious building has been allowed to deteriorate because the city is NOT INTERESTED IN HISTORIC PRESERVATION. The city has refused to do anything to curb filthy bars, shootings, drugs, and prostitution. It was recently purchased and now back on the market while the city sits with its thumbs "you know where."